Dengeki G's Magazine March 2015

Dengeki G's Magazine March 2015

on sale 2015.01.30
1280 yen

This issue comes with a small figure of Honoka from Love Live.

[only seiyuu information given here]

There is a 4 page photo collection and interview with Amamiya Sora (ŷ). This is for Sora's role in the TV anime Plastic Memories.

There is a one page article on Hibiki Radio Station featuring Matsui Eriko and Mao (Ichimichi Mao).

There is a 4 page article on the Kantai Collection TV anime, with comments by nine of the seiyuu. There are tiny photos of each seiyuu by their comments.

The seiyuu featured are Uesaka Sumire (䤹ߤ), Fujita Saki, Iguchi Yuka (͵), Sakura Ayane (Ұ), Touyama Nao (컳), Hidaka Rina, Ohtsubo Yuka (ͳ), Suzaki Aya (갽), Taneda Risa ().

There is also a 2 page interview with Sakura Ayane, about her 8 roles in Kantai Collection.

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