Beppin 127

Beppin 127 (October 15, 1994)
550 yen

[the following only contains seiyuu information]

There is a 4 page color photo spread of Nagai Nobuko (ʰ濮) and Itou Megumi. There are 2 1/2 pages of Nobuko, mostly swimsuit photos. They give Nobuko's stats as 1977.08.06, 160cm, 82-59-83. (Her real birthday is 1976.08.06, and her height and three sizes are off quite a bit too.)

There is a one page monochrome interview of Nagai Nobuko, with a few small photos of Nobuko wearing frilly clothes. Here, they give Nobuko's stats as 157cm, 77-56-82. (^_^;

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