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Since some of the younger "idol" seiyuu have an overlap with the idol world, there have been some seiyuu appearing in idol magazines. Also there are some seiyuu now who used to be idols when they were younger.

Warning: Most of these idol magazines might be considered soft core pornography outside of Japan.

The following is just a tiny sample. There are many, many more. The descriptions below will only contain information about the seiyuu appearances.

magazine seiyuu
Suppin 96 (July 1994) Nagai Nobuko, Iizuka Mayumi
Beppin 122 (8/1 1994) Nagai Nobuko
Suppin 97 (August 1994) Nagai Nobuko, Nagasaki Moe
Beppin 123 (8/15 1994) Nagai Nobuko
Suppin 99 (October 1994) Nagai Nobuko
Beppin 127 (10/15 1994) Nagai Nobuko
Suppin 100 (November 1994) Nagai Nobuko
Suppin 101 (December 1994) Nagai Nobuko
Suppin 102 (January 1995) Nagai Nobuko
Ojou January 1995 Nagai Nobuko
Toukou Shashin January 1995 Nagai Nobuko
Photo Shot 6 (Jan. 1995) Nagai Nobuko
Suppin 105 (April 1995) Nagai Nobuko, Sakurai Tomo
Cream 33 (April 1995) Nagai Nobuko
Urecco 107 (May 1995) Nagai Nobuko
Bishop 4 (May 1995) Nagai Nobuko
Cream 34 (May 1995) Nagai Nobuko
Mega Shot vol 1 Nagai Nobuko
Toukou Shashin August 1995 Yano Kazumi
Toukou Shashin December 1995 Nagai Nobuko
CM Now vol 58 (January 1996) Nagai Nobuko
The Sugar 150 (April 1996) Nagai Nobuko
Otoko Gon vol 1 (September 1998) Nagai Nobuko, Yano Kazumi, Tokunagai Ai
Toukou Shashin January 1999 Ohmori Reiko
Bomb August 1999 Ohmori Reiko
Top Speed January 2000 Kira Kira Melody Gakuen
Urecco September 2003 Cutie Pai

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