Suppin 96

Suppin 96 (July 1994)
580 yen

[the following only contains seiyuu information]

Nagai Nobuko (ʰ濮) (and Kawabe Yumiko) is on the cover.

There is a 17 page photo collection on "16 year old" idol Nagai Nobuko. There are pictures of Nobuko wearing sailor fuku, one piece swim suits, a bikini, leotards, and a white long dress. There is also a 3 page (monochrome page with many small pictures) interview with Nobuko.

Nobuko's birthday is listed as 1977.08.06. (Her real birth year is 1976.)

There is a one page interivew of Iizuka Mayumi (Ͳ). Mayumi is wearing a yukata.

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