Oricon Week The Ichiban (1996.06.24)

310 yen
released 1996.06.17

There is a special article (14 pages) "Seiyuu no uta ni hamare!" featuring Miyamura Yuko (¼ͥ), Iwao Junko (˽), Kusachi Fumie (ϾϹ), Nogami Yukana (椫), Kouda Mariko (Ԣĥޥ), Kasahara Hiroko (޸), Sakurai Tomo (), Yokoyama Chisa (Һ), Inoue Kikuko (׻), Tominaga Miina (ڱʤߡ).

There is also a small article about Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ) as an up and coming seiyuu.

Kusachi Fumie appears in a full-page color ad for the "Faces" album on the inside front cover.

Miyamura Yuko appears on pages 12 to 13 (3 color photographs). Iwao Junko appears on page 14 (2 color photographs). Kusachi Fumie appears on page 15 (2 color photographs). Nogami Yukana appears on page 16 (2 color photographs).

Miyamura Yuko appears on page 17 in a full-page color ad for the original first album, on sale 1996.06.21.

(There is an unrelated ad on page 18.)

Akiyama Kumi appears at the top half of page 19 (1 color photograph). Nagasaki Moe appears at the bottom half of page 19 (1 color photograph.)

Kouda Mariko appears on page 20 (1 large color photograph). Kasahara Hiroko appears on page 21 (1 large color photograph). Sakurai Tomo appears on page 22 (1 large color photograph). Yokoyama Chisa appears on page 23 (1 large color photograph).

Inoue Kikuko appears on page 24 in a full-page sepia color ad for the Perfect Solo Collection album.

Inoue Kikuko appears on page 25 (1 monochrome photograph).

Tominaga Miina and Imamura Yoshiki appears in an interview on pages 26 and 27 (4 color photographs).

Autographed photo presents of each featured seiyuu are shown on page 28 (11 color photographs).

[information provided by Gary Blickhan]

[Orion Week The Ichiban]

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