SPA! - 1999.11.17

SPA! - 1999.11.17
on sale 1999.11.10 (or so)
330 yen

There was a two page article on Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ), with some monochrome pictures. Moe looks different now. The cuteness that she had before doesn't appear in these pictures.

Anyway some of the highlights from the article:

"I wasn't trying to disappear. I just wanted to rest. But maybe one year was a little too long."

"I was resting at first. It seems I was really tired. After I got better, I tried to get in shape. I went to the gym by myself and did training."

"After coming to Tokyo, I was always busy, so both my body and mental condition were taking a beating."

"I think I matured (during this year). And I was thinking that it was time to start again."

There's going to be a "Nagasaki Moe Revival Festival" event on 11/23. 2000 yen, at Asagaya Laputa. 18:00, for the first 100 people.
[but this was already sold out, and there is going to be a second session at 20:00.]

"Also I have one other thing to tell you. I.."

They finish the article there! It will be continued in next week's magazine.


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