Top Speed - January 2000

Top Speed - January 2000
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[Only seiyuu information included below.]

There is a 5 page article (all color) on Kira Kira Melody Gakuen.

The first page is a full page group shot of the main girls of this article. Shintani Sayaka, Tokunaga Ai, Tsuchiya Mieko, Kimura Ikue, Kadowaki Mai, Nagai Nobuko, Sakurai Sara, Takahira Jun, Sawai Natsumi, Tanabe Miri, Ohgoshi Tomoe, Matsumoto Chiyomi, Hinano Mayo, and Minano Fuuko. These are the girls who have formed groups, and have songs.

The second and third pages introduce all of the Kira Melo girls. There is a picture of all 51 girls. But the 14 main girls have larger pictures. The other girls have small pictures, and the pictures are the same as those on the Kira Melo web page. The names of the girls, their character names, and the "class" that they belong to. The classes are: singer, actor, voice actor, and player.

There are also five small pictures from the Halloween Live.

The next two pages have interviews and larger pictures of the various groups: Heart Chu, Melo Melo Melon, Dear Me, Muteki Palette, Sawai Natsumi, and Tokunaga Ai.

This article is probably in the "must have" category for Kira Melo fans.

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