Virtual Idol 8

NONE バーチャル・アイドル8

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
880 yen
released 1996.05.22

The cover has a nice closeup picture of Yokoyama Chisa (横山智佐).


22 pages on the game company Elf. There are several pages on the history of Elf games. 4 pages on recent Elf goods (such as Doukyuusei catcher goods). 4 pages on Narusawa Yui, from Doukyuusei 2.

6 pages on Tokimeki Memorial. Pictures from Private Collection, ufo catcher and poster goods. There is a Tokimemo school uniform for 29800 yen (both summer and winter sailor fuku.)

4 pages on Super Real Mahjong P VI, for the Sega Saturn. There is about one page of character information for each character. There is also a small picture of three seiyuu: Toyoshima Machiko, Yanagizawa Michiyo, and Ohtsuka Mizue. The cast is as follows.

  • Kayama Tamami :: Toyoshima Machiko
  • Kinomiya Yukari :: Ohtsuka Mizue
  • Kurihara Mari :: Yanagizawa Michiyo
  • Chris Garland :: Koyama Yuka

6 pages on Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna game for the PC-FX. There is character information on Yuna, Ria/Pollylina, Yuuri, Misaki, Princess Mirage, and Fraulein D.

2 pages on Tanjou S, for the Sega Saturn.

2 pages on Wizards Harmony.

2 pages on Melty Lancer.

2 pages on Anime Freak FX 3. There are some picture of the Iwao Junko games (live action movies of Junko on the game disc), and the Tenchi game.

Magical Idol

There is 5 page article on magical idols, such as Wedding Peach, Mahou Tsukai Tai, Suu Chii Pai, Fancy CoCo, Akazukin Chacha, etc..


2 pages on Sakurai Tomo's stage play, "Momo no Princess", where she played the role of a human (a wife) and a doll. There are color pictures of Tomo from the play.

2 page interview with Imai Yuka, with many color pictures. Her vital statistics are, 1970.09.18 (birthday), 161 cm, 47 kg, 24cm (shoe size), 79-62-83.

2 page article on Yokoyama Chisa, with color pictures.

2 page interview with Kusachi Fumie, with monochrome pictures.

2 page article on Kouda Mariko, with monochrome pictures.

2 page column "oshaberi tea time" with Tominaga Miina. The guest was Minaguchi Yuko, and there are some monochrome pictures.

8 page event reports with color pictures for the Konami events that took place on 3/20. The "Motto Tokimeki Memorial" event had Sugawara Sachiko, Kingetsu Mami, Kurosaki Ayako, Tange Sakura, Yoshiki Kurin, and Kikuchi Shiho as the seiyuu guests. The "Twinbee Paradise" event had Kouda Mariko, Nishihara Kumiko, and Itou Miki as the guests. In addition there was the "Tokimeki Teens Contest", where they chose an image girl for Tokimeki Memorial. Kuribayashi Mie won the contest.

5 page article on the Twinbee Paradise radio show, with color pictures of Kouda Mariko and Otakki Sasaki (the director of the show).

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