Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu (Type A)

Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu (No Name) [Type A]

released 2013.04.10
1470 yen

This CD+DVD package contains the opening song and ending songs to the TV anime AKB0048 Next Stage.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. この涙を君に捧ぐ (Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu)
  2. 主なきその声 (Aruji naki sono Koe)
  3. 少女たちよ NO NAME version
  4. この涙を君に捧ぐ (off vocal version)
  5. 主なきその声 (off vocal version)
  6. 少女たちよ NO NAME version (off vocal version)
"Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu" is the ending song, and "Aruji naki sono Koe" is the opening song.

Songs by the AKB48 sub group NO NAME. The members of NO NAME are Watanabe Mayu, Iwata Karen, Satou Amina, Nakaya Sayaka, Hata Sawako (秦佐和子), Satou Sumire, Ishida Haruka, Yagami Kumi, Mita Mao.

There are four versions of this CD.

All four versions have both the opening and ending songs, but the other songs on the CDs are different.

The DVD contains a promo video of "Aruji naki sono Koe" and a making of video.

It also has the first half of "AKB0048 No Name First Kila Live". The second half of this video is on the Type B CD+DVD.

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