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  • Minamike CDs

    The following are some of the CDs that have been released for the Minamike (ߤʤߤ) TV series.

    Minamike OP

    Minamike ED

    Minamike Drama CD

    Minamike Okawari OP

    Minamike Okawari ED

    Minamike Okawari Drama CD

    Minamike Okaeri Image Album

    Minamike Okaeri OP

    Minamike Okaeri ED

    Minamike Okaeri Drama CD

    Minamike Character Song Best Album

    Minamike Tadaima OP

    Minamike Tadaima ED

    All Minamike theme songs are sung by the three main seiyuu, Satou Rina (ƣ) [Minami Haruka], Inoue Marina (Τ) [Minami Kana], and Chihara Minori (Τ) [Minami Chiaki].

    [Minamike CDs]

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