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  • Music Judgement

    Music Judgement
    Date A Live Mayuri Judgement Character Song Album

    released 2016.02.24
    2500 yen+tax

    This CD contains character songs and karaoke tracks for the anime movie Date A Live Mayuri Judgement.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Go☆サマーガール -劇場版Live Version- (Chihara Minori)
    2. Follow Me! (Uchida Maaya)
    3. Once Upon a Rainy Day (Nomizu Iori)
    4. with you (Bridcutt Sarah Emi)
    5. Lollipop Baby (Taketatsu Ayana)
    6. 美味しいデェト (Inoue Marina)
    7. 愛慕 (Togashi Misuzu)
    8. Resolutuion (Amamiya Sora)
    9. Not Forget (Sakura Ayane)
    10. Go☆サマーガール -Instrumental-
    11. Follow Me! -Instrumental-
    12. Once Upon a Rainy Day -Instrumental-
    13. with you -Instrumental-
    14. Lollipop Baby -Instrumental-
    15. 美味しいデェト -Instrumental-
    16. 愛慕 -Instrumental-
    17. Resolutuion -Instrumental-
    18. Not Forget -Instrumental-
    Songs by the following characters (seiyuu).

    Yatogami TohkaInoue Marina
    Tobiichi OrigamiTogashi Misuzu
    Itsuka KotoriTaketatsu Ayana
    YoshinoNomizu Iori
    Yamai KaguyaUchida Maaya
    Yamai YuzuruBridcutt Sarah Emi
    Izayoi MikuChihara Minori
    MayuriAmamiya Sora
    Sonogami RioSakura Ayane

    Track 9 is from the PS Vita game, Date A Live Twin Edition Rio Reincarnation.

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