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  • Yes! BanG_Dream!

    Yes! BanG_Dream! (Poppin' Party)

    released 2016.02.24
    2500 yen+tax

    This CD+bluray package contains the first single for the seiyuu rock band project BanG Dream.

    The CD tracks are as follows.

    1. Yes! BanG_Dream!
    2. ぽっぴん' しゃっふる
    3. Yes! BanG_Dream! -Instrumental-
    4. ぽっぴん' しゃっふる -Instrumental-
    5. Bonus Track -Toyama Kasumi (戸山香澄)
    6. Bonus Track -Hanazono Tae (花園たえ)
    7. Bonus Track -Ushigome Rimi (牛込りみ)
    8. Bonus Track -Yamabuki Saaya (山吹沙綾)
    9. Bonus Track -Ichigaya Arisa (市ヶ谷有咲)
    10. Bonus Track -Poppin' Party
    Songs by the seiyuu group Poppin' Party.

    The bluray contains an animated music video of "Yes! BanG_Dream".

    The members and cast of Poppin' Party is as follows.

    Toyama KasumiTerakawa Aimi
    Hanazono TaeOhtsuka Sae
    Ushigome RimiNishimoto Rimi
    Yamabuki SaayaOhhashi Ayaka
    Ichigaya ArisaItou Ayasa

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