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  • Hashiri Hajimetabakari no Kimi ni

    Hashiri Hajimetabakari no Kimi ni (Poppin' Party)

    released 2016.12.07
    3500 yen+tax

    This CD+bluray package contains the third single for the seiyuu rock band project BanG Dream.

    The CD tracks are as follows.

    1. 走り始めたばかりのキミに (Hashiri Hajimetabakari no Kimi ni)
    2. ティアドロップス (Tear Drops)
    3. 走り始めたばかりのキミに -Instrumental-
    4. ティアドロップス -Instrumental-
    5. クリスマス☆ -Toyama Kasumi-
    6. クリスマスの発見 -Hanazono Tae-
    7. クリスマスの楽しみ -ushigome Rimi-
    8. クリスマスは戦い? -Yamabuki Saaya-
    9. いっそ冬眠したい -Ichigaya Arisa-
    10. クリスマス -Poppin' Party-
    Songs by the seiyuu group Poppin' Party.

    The bluray contains a total of 88 minutes of video. There is video from the "BanG Dream! First Live Sprin' Party 2016" event, which was held on April 24, 2016 at Shinagawa Stellar Ball. There is also an animated music video of "Hashiri Hajimetabakari no Kimi ni".

    The members and cast of Poppin' Party is as follows.

    Toyama KasumiTerakawa Aimi
    Hanazono TaeOhtsuka Sae
    Ushigome RimiNishimoto Rimi
    Yamabuki SaayaOhhashi Ayaka
    Ichigaya ArisaItou Ayasa

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