Fukami Rica CDs (miscellaneous)

Rica appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

1992.11.21Sailor Moon In Another Dream (COCC-10509)Song/Talk
1993.06.01Sailor Moon R -Mirai he Mukatte-Song
1993.12.21Sailor Moon R The Movie Music Collection (FMCC-5019)Song
1994.04.21Sailor Moon R The Maiden's Poem Collection (FMCC-5026)Song/Talk
1994.05.20Seiyuu Daisuki 1 (MRCA-20037)Talk
1995.03.17Seiyuu Daisuki 2 (MRCA-20058)Talk
1995.08.19Sailor Moon Supers Theme Song Collection (COCC-12809)Song
1995.12.01Sailor Moon Supers Christmas For YouSong
1996.01.10Quo Vadis Drama CD Vol 1 (VOCR-5003)Talk
1996.01.24Quo Vadis Drama CD Vol 2 (VOCR-5004)Talk
1996.02.21Quo Vadis Drama CD Vol 3 (VOCR-5005)Talk
1996.03.23Quo Vadis Drama CD Vol 4 (VOCR-5006)Talk
1996.05.22Quo Vadis Drama CD Vol 5 (VOCR-5008)Talk
1996.06.28Mujintou MonogatariTalk
1996.06.??Quo Vadis Drama CD Vol 6 (VOCR-5009)Talk
1996.09.21Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Best Song Collection (COCC-13720)Song
1996.11.01Sailor Stars Merry ChristmasSong
1998.02.21Anime Heroine Best Collection (COCC-14874-14875)Song
2000.06.21Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super Best (COCX-30947)Song

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