Fukami Rica events

Some of the events that Rica has appeared in are as follows.

1993.09.11Peach Hips Live
1993.09.12Peach Hips Live
1993.12.25Sailor Moon and X'mas 1993
1994.01.08Sailor Moon R Movie Late Show
1994.03.19Windows/Mornin' After CD event
1994.05.01Fukami Rica on Sunday ALTA Jouhoukyoku
1994.08.12Macross Plus at Hitotsubashi Hall
1994.08.27Fukami Rica La Venus Commemoration Event
1994.11.20Sailor Moon Express Train and kigurumi show at Seibuen
1994.11.29Sailor Moon S movie preview
1994.12.18Sailor Senshi Largest X'mas Party in History
1995.03.01Playdia V event
1995.03.21Wonder Egg
1995.05.21Charity Event at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi
1995.06.11GAT event in Yamagata
1995.07.22Voice Actor Super in Ikebukuro
1995.08.06Anime Film Marathon in Nagoya
1995.08.12[12:00] Bandai Character Festival Sailor Moon
1995.08.27Anima Century
1995.10.07Macross Plus/Macross 7 movie at Ginza
1995.10.07Macross Plus/Macross 7 movie at Shibuya
1995.11.25GAT Event
1995.12.22Sailor Moon Supers movie event
1996.03.31Charity Event in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi
1996.08.088 8 8 Funky Twins Birthday Party
1996.11.03Play Station Expo 96-97
1997.03.22Fukami Rica talk and two-shot picture event
1997.12.21Kamiya Akira Charity Concert
1998.01.25With You event at Animate Shibuya
1998.03.29With You event at Marinpia
2000.06.30Anime Expo 2000
2000.07.01Anime Expo 2000
2000.07.02Anime Expo 2000
2009.12.06[17:00] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon DVD Collection event UDX Theater
2010.03.20[14:30/18:00] Seiyuu Festa Haru CC Lemon Hall

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