Fukuen Misato books and magazines

Some of the books and magazines that Misato has appeared in are as follows.

2004.12HM3 SPECIAL vol 17interview, COLOR {1 P}
2005.02HM3 SPECIAL vol 19interview, COLOR {2 P}
2005.06HM3 SPECIAL vol 23interview, MONO {1 P}
2005.11HM3 SPECIAL vol 28Tamago article, COLOR {2 P}
2006.03HM3 SPECIAL vol 32Binchoutan interview, COLOR {2 P}
2007.09.30A-STATION October 2007Smile Gang DVD article, COLOR {1/4 P}
2009.05.10Newtype June 2009Strike Witches event report, COLOR {1/2 P}
2010.11.11Asagei Secret Vol.10seiyuu article, COLOR {4 P}

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