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Furuya Tohru events

Some of the events that Tohru has appeared in are as follows.

1987.10.18[16:30] Kimagure Orange Road Autumn Special Concert Hibiya Koukaidou
1989.12.16Kimagure Orange Road Mogitate Special event
1994.12.18Sailor Senshi Largest X'mas Party in History
1995.03.253DO Real in Akihabara
1995.03.263DO Real in Ikebukuro
1995.04.09Ani Chari 4.9
1995.06.11Sotsugyou Cross World All Stars On Stage
1995.08.12[12:00] Bandai Character Festival Sailor Moon
1996.10.07Shin Kimagure Orange Road
1996.11.02Shin Kimagure Orange Road Soshite ano natsu no hajimari event at Shinjuku Toei Palace 2
1997.07.12Kamakura Cinema World Seiyuu Special Stage
1997.07.22Manatsu no Gakuensai at Shinjuku Island
1998.10.10Tokyo Game Show Autumn 1998
1999.01.09Kokoha Ooedo Kagurazaka public recording
1999.03.21Tokyo Game Show Spring 1999
2000.04.02Tokyo Game Show Spring 2000
2002.11.02Saint Seiya new OVA event
2003.03.22Tokyo International Anime Fair 2003 "Sky Perfect TV Booth"
2003.03.22Tokyo International Anime Fair 2003 "Toei Anime Booth"
2003.08.23[11:00] C3 2003 Bandai Visual booth Saint Seiyu event
2003.08.23[15:00] C3 2003 Kadokawa Shoten booth
2004.02.07[16:00] Saint Seiyu talk event in Animate Ikebukuro
2004.02.13[21:10] Saint Seiya movie event in Shinjuku Sukaraza
2004.07.30[18:00/19:30] Gundam Network Operation 2 in Necca Akihabara
2004.08.08DVD Gundam 25th Anniversay talk event
2004.09.12[14:30] Saint Seiya DVD talk and game event
2004.09.18[13:00] Emotion Fan Kanshasai in Sapporo
2004.09.20[15:00] Saint Seiya DVD event
2004.10.17[12:30] Tokyo International Fantastic Eiga Sai 2004
2005.01.20[18:30] Anime de Sukuou! Charity Concert at Shibuya AX
2005.06.12[13:00] DVD "UG Ultimate Girl" talk show in Ishimaru Soft One
2005.06.12[15:00] DVD "UG Ultimate Girl" talk show in Yamagiwa Soft
2005.11.05[18:00] Z Gundam II movie aisatsu in Nagoya
2006.03.04[09:00] Z Gundam III movie talk at Shinjuku Joy Cinema
2006.03.04[10:55] Z Gundam III movie talk at Cine Riible Ikebukuro
2006.07.02Anime Expo
2006.09.23[15:30] Tokyo Game Show 2006 Bandai Namco booth
2006.09.24[15:30] Tokyo Game Show 2006 Bandai Namco booth
2007.06.09Intel in Akiba
2007.08.19[13:00] Chara Hobby 2007 Emotion Summer Festival 2007
2008.01.26G Festival 2008 Osaka
2008.01.27G Festival 2008 Tokyo
2008.03.29[12:30] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Main Stage avex Live
2008.03.30[13:00] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Main Stage
2008.03.30[15:30] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Main Stage Seiyuu Award Special Stage
2008.04.13[16:00] "Heroes -to my treasure-" talk/live/sign Asobit Game City
2008.11.15Core i7 midnight event at DosPara
2009.10.21[21:00] Windows 7 event at Dospara
2010.06.20[13:00/16:50] Intel in Akiba 2010 Summer
2010.08.01[19:00] Sekai Cosplay Summit 2010 Nagoya
2010.09.18[12:00] Tokyo Game Show 2010 main stage Robot Games
2011.01.08[22:00] Intel CPU Late Night event at Dos Para
2012.03.18[13:00/18:00] Super Robot Taisen 20th Anniversary Event
2012.07.06[] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary event
2015.12.12[17:00] Intel Club Extreme Gamers World Gundam Online event
2016.09.17[13:30] Tokyo Game Show 2016 "Gundam game 30 year special stage"