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Cutie Pai goods

Cutie Pai has created many goods to promote their group, and these are usually sold at their events. The following are some of the goods that I bought.

There were several designs of the Cutie Pai mousepad, that went on sale at Peaty volume 1. Each mousepad was 1200 yen. mousepad

The T-shirt and cap were 1000 yen each.
The first Cutie Pai T-shirt and cap went on sale at Peaty volume 3. cap

T-shirt The second Cutie Pai T-shirts went on sale at the Hoshi no Shuukakusai event. There are orange, white, yellow, and blue T-shirts, at 2000 yen each.

Cutie_Pippi The Cutie Pippi is a whistle.

Miyuu uses a green whistle during the song Koi no Kisetsu to Kimi to Boku. This whistle was given out to Cutie Pai Fan Club members.

Non-fan club members can also buy this.

Cutie Pai lighter The Cutie Pai lighter was sold at various events. There are three or four different colors.

There are more Cutie Pai goods: (page 2)

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