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Hayami Saori Internet broadcasts

Some of the internet that Saori has appeared in are as follows.

2016.06.02Anime Pia Channel [live]guest
2017.05.20Blame! movie event [live]guest
2017.05.29Hayami Saori Convention 2017 Nama Chuukeihost
2018.12.19Gyao! LisAni Time 7guest
2018.12.26Gyao! LisAni Time 8guest
2019.02.26Egao no Daika Niconama Tokubanguest
2019.02.26d Studio 57guest
2019.08.06Cinderella Girls Motto Dere Sute Night x31 [live]guest
2019.12.12Yoru Night x Yoru Night -Thursday-guest
2020.01.23Cinderella Girls Motto Dere Sute Night x35 [live]video
2020.03.05Yoru Night x Yoru Night -Thursday-guest
2020.08.03-2020.08.31Yoru Night x Yoru Night -Monday-monthly assistant
2020.09.24Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come ha Machigatteiru Kan Specialguest
2021.02.14Chou Jigen Ongakusai [live]guest
2021.03.06Kadokawa Light Novel Expo 2020 Day 1guest