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    Hidaka Rina events

    Some of the events that Rina has appeared in are as follows.

    2011.06.26[16:00] Ro-Kyu-Bu TV anime kinen event
    2011.08.14[18:30] Sengoku Otome Kayousai at Shibuya O-East
    2011.08.28[16:00] Animelo Summer Live 2011 Rainbow
    2011.10.23[18:00] Ro-Kyu-Bu! Live Tour 2011 Stella Ball
    2011.10.30[17:00] RO-KYU-BU! Live Tour 2011 -Fantastic Game- Nanba Hatch
    2011.11.13[18:00] RO-KYU-BU! Live Tour 2011 -Fantastic Game- Stella Ball
    2011.11.26[18:00] Marine Collection 2011
    2012.01.15[13:30/17:30] Aoi Saori no Seijinshiki 2012 Ebisu Garden Hall
    2012.01.28[17:00] Roukyuubu! talk event Animate Akihabara
    2012.02.05[14:00] RouKyuuBu! 4 talk show Akiba Sofmap
    2012.03.25[12:00] Moe Can Change! public recording
    2012.03.31[12:30] Anime Contents Expo 2012 Red Stage Ano Natsu de Matteru
    2012.03.31[14:00] Anime Contents Expo 2012 Nico Nico Booth
    2012.05.13[13:00/17:00] Web Radio Pacemaker public recording
    2012.08.18[14:00] TBS Anime Festa 2012
    2012.10.21[12:00] Dengeki 20th Anniversary Ro-Kyu-Bu event
    2012.10.21[14:00] Dengeki 20th Anniversary Accel World Sword Art Online
    2012.10.21[17:00] Dengeki Music Live Sweet Stage
    2012.12.28[12:00] Star Driver The Movie public recording
    2013.03.17[13:00] RoKyuBu Spring Sensation Akihabara UDX
    2013.05.04[18:00] Tamako Market Mochi Mochi Talk and Live
    2016.09.17[12:20] Tokyo Game Show 2016 "Sword Art Online" special stage
    2017.02.04[] Tenshi no 3P Special Live Fan to no Kusabi at Zepp Tokyo
    2017.03.12[12:00] Game no Dengeki Kanshasai Accel World and Sword Art Online stage
    2017.09.23[13:15] Tokyo Game Show 2017 Sword Art Online Game Live
    2018.09.22[] Tokyo Game Show 2018 Million Arthur stage
    2018.10.07[11:00] Aki no Dengekisai Satellite Stage Strike the Blood
    2018.10.07[14:00] Aki no Dengekisai Main Stage Engage Princess
    2018.10.07[16:00] Aki no Dengekisai Main Stage Sword Art Online Alicization
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