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    Hikami Kyoko CDs (solo)

    Kyoko has released the following solo CDs.

    1995.11.22Pure Love (AFCP-2010)Song
    1996.05.22Makenaide Fly Away (BVCH-8015)Song
    1996.11.21Binetsu (MMCA-0001)Song
    1997.11.21Unmoral (MMCA-0002)song
    1998.11.21Hysteric Noise (MMCA-0003)Song
    1999.11.25Blue (MMCL-0006)Song
    2000.07.26Hikamix (MMCL-0008)Song
    2002.01.23Aquarian Ange -Sign for Evolution Sphere 1- (VICL-60837)Song
    2002.09.26Vicino (MMCL-0011)Song

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