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    Honda Chieko events

    Some of the events that Chieko has appeared in are as follows.

    1984.01.15Haikyou Charity Sign Kai at Isetan Department Store Shinjuku
    1984.01.28L-Gaim Festival at Sharp Biru
    1984.07.25L-Gaim Festival at Sharp Biru Elmo Hall
    1984.09.23[10:30-16:00] 9th Comic Square at Toritsu Sangyou Boueki Centre
    1986.03.30[11:00/13:30] Akanuke live at Harajuku Crocodile
    1986.12.10'86-'87 VMP Music Fair "Yosenabe Matsuri" at Takada Baba Big Box
    1987.10.18[13:00] Choki Omoshiro Live at Shibuya Take Off 7 (Tokyo)
    1989.02.27-1989.02.28[17:30] Rhea Gallforce event at Kudan Kaikan
    1990.07.28Gall Force Lady's Live at Nichifutsu Kaikan Shibuya
    1993.06.13Heartful Station public recording in Osaka
    1993.08.17Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Nagoya
    1993.08.23Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Kyoto
    1994.06.11The Ripple Final Event
    1997.01.07Seiyuu Collection
    1997.11.09Animation Hit Parade
    1998.06.28Maria & Chieko Animation Hit Parade Type 0
    2002.08.06Ribon Otanoshimi Matsuri 2002 in Big Sight
    2002.08.07Ribon Otanoshimi Matsuri 2002 in Big Sight
    2009.02.01[14:00/18:00] Maria & Chieko Animation Hit Parade 09
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