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    Ikuta Teru Internet broadcasts

    Some of the internet that Teru has appeared in are as follows.

    2019.02.11RekuNyan no Game Beya 34guest
    2019.05.03Shirokuro Fes 2019 Revue Starlight Stageguest
    2019.05.03Shirokuro Fes 2019 Weiss Schwarz Stagehost
    2019.06.09Revue Starlight ReLive Exhibition 1 in Star ReLive Saiguest
    2019.06.09Seishou Ongaku Gakuen talk stage 2 in Star ReLive Saiguest
    2019.10.23Tonopi to Rimirin no Let's Weiss Schwarz 15guest
    2020.01.23Cinderella Girls Motto Dere Sute Night x35 [live]emcee
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