Gochuumon ha Usagi desuka Special Tokuban

title Gochuumon ha Usagi deska Special Tokuban
date/time 2020.03.22
broadcast abema tv
seiyuu Sakura Ayane (Ұ)
Minase Inori (Τ)
Taneda Risa ()
Satou Satomi (ƣ)
Uchida Maaya (Ŀ)
Tokui Sora (Ķ)
Murakawa Rie

This was a special broadcast for the TV series Gochuumon ha Usagi desuka. The seiyuu guests were Sakura Ayane, Minase Inori, Taneda Risa, Satou Satomi, Uchida Maaya, Tokui Sora, and Murakawa Rie.

They announced the title of the third TV series, which will start in October. It will be Gochuumon ha Usagi desuka Bloom.

They showed images and logo for the new series. They showed a promo video. They talked a little bit about the upcoming story. They also showed some of the new Gochi Usa goods.

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