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  • Kemono Friends Hour 15

    title Kemono Friends Hour 15
    date/time 2017.11.22 21:30-
    broadcast niconico
    archive none
    seiyuu Ozaki Yuka (尾崎由香)
    Ono Saki
    Motomiya Kana
    Aiba Aina (相羽あいな)
    Nemoto Ruka (根本流風)
    Sasaki Mikoi (佐々木未来)
    Tamura Kyouka
    Chikuta Ikuko

    This was a live broadcast for the TV anime Kemono Friends. All 8 members appeared.

    Since 11/26 was Saki's birthday, they brought out a birthday cake for her. She tasted it, and said it had chestnuts and pears inside.

    Yuka and Ikuko said they went to Lotteria and ate the collaboration fries. They got some Kemono Friends clear files.

    Yuka's hair was black again. She had dyed it light brown for an event earlier this month. She said she doesn't want to dye it bright any more.

    They showed some of the Kemono Friends collaboration goods coming out soon at the Family Mart comvenience stores. There were also some foods, which the seiyuu sampled.

    There will be a Kemono Friends live in Osaka on 12/2 at 14:00 and 18:30. The later event will be broadcast live on niconico.

    The next broadcast will be December 20.

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