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  • Kemono Friends Hour 27

    title Kemono Friends Hour 2 7 (27)
    date/time 2018.11.21
    broadcast niconico
    archive none
    seiyuu Ozaki Yuka (尾崎由香)
    Ono Saki
    Motomiya Kana
    Aiba Aina (相羽あいな)
    Nemoto Ruka (根本流風)
    Sasaki Mikoi (佐々木未来)
    Tamura Kyouka
    Chikuta Ikuko

    This was a live broadcast for the TV anime Kemono Friends. This was the 7th broadcast of Kemeno Friends Hour 2.

    The broadcast started with a birthday song for Saki. But instead of a cake, it was a bowl of ramen, and Saki ate the ramen during the show.

    Kyouka and Ikuko were the emcees for this broadcast.

    There was already a poster for the Kemono Friends 2 TV series. The seiyuu had already started doing the voice recording for it, but they couldn't give out any other details.

    There will be pre-airing events for the Kemono Friends 2 anime on 12/17 in Shinjuku Picadilly and 12/18 in Osaka. The seiyuu talk portion of the Shinjuku event will be broadcast on niconico.

    Then they announced many more events in theaters all over Japan.

    At the end, they showed a lot of the upcoming goods and such. There was a series of Kemono Friends Christmas cakes coming out, and they even brought two of them for the seiyuu to eat.

    The next broadcast will be the live broadcast from Shinjuku Picadilly on 12/17.

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