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  • BanG Dream Girls Band Party Happyoukai

    title Girls Band Party Happyoukai
    date 2017.02.24 18:30-20:00
    broadcast Abema TV
    archive none
    seiyuu Terakawa Aimi ()
    Itou Ayasa (ƣ̺)
    Nishimoto Rimi (ܤ)
    Aiba Aina (걩)
    Kudou Haruka (ƣ)
    Endou Yukari
    Sakuragawa Megu
    Akesaka Satomi ()
    Suzaki Aya (갽)
    Itou Miku (ƣ)
    Toyota Moe (˭˨)
    Maeshima Ami (簡)
    Hata Sawako (»)

    This was a live broadcast of the BanG Dream Girls Band Party Announcement event that took place at the Roppongi EX Theater on February 24, 2016.
    It was broadcast on Abema TV, from 18:30 to 20:00.

    The hosts of the event were Aimi, Ayasa, and Rimi from the group Poppin' Party.


    They introduced the smartphone game Girls Band Party. They announced a game only character Tsukishima Marina, and the seiyuu is Suzaki Aya. Then Aya came onto the stage for a short introduction.

    After Aya left, the five members of the group Roselia came onto the stage. The members of Roselia were Aiba Aina, Kudou Haruka, Endou Yukari, Sakuragawa Megu, and Akesaka Satomi. The Roselia girls and Poppin' Party girls played a few songs from the the Girls Band Party game.

    Then they started announcing the other bands in the game, and the seiyuu of the band members. Many of the seiyuu were previously unannounced.

    The first band was "Afterglow". Kanemoto Hisako came to the stage, and they announced the other members.

    The next band was "Hello Happy World". Itou Miku came to the stage, and they announced the other members. Then Toyota Moe also came onto the stage.

    The last band was "Pastel Palettes". Maeshima Ami came to the stage, and they announced the other members. Then Hata Sawako also came onto the stage. Sawako was wearing a yellow one piece and a white cardigan. She had her hair in braided twintails, and there was a flower hair clip on the right side.

    For each of the groups, there was a short talk with the seiyuu, and they showed a clip of the animated music video of one of the group songs.

    After all of the groups, there was a live audio drama. There were three groups for the drama.

    The first group was Poppin' Party and Suzaki Aya. The second was Roselia, and the third was the other five seiyuu. Each audio drama was around 5 minutes.

    After the audio drama, there were some announcements about the game and upcoming Bang Dream related events.

    Then at the end, all of the seiyuu guests (14 of them) lined up on the stage for their final messages.

    The casts of the new groups were as follows.


    Hazawa TsugumiKanemoto Hisako
    Udagawa TomoeHikasa Youko
    Uehara HimariKatou Emiri
    Mitake RanSakura Ayane
    Aoba MocaMisawa Sachika

    Hello Happy World

    Tsurumaki KokoroItou Miku
    Matsubara KanonToyota Moe
    Seta KaoruTadokoro Azusa
    Kitazawa HagumiYoshida Yuuri
    MichelleKurosawa Tomoyo

    Pastel Palettes

    Maruyama AyaMaeshima Ami
    Wakamiya EveHata Sawako
    Hikawa HinaOzawa Ari
    Shirasagi ChisatoUesaka Sumire
    Yamato MayaNakagami Ikumi

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