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  • School Idol Festival Kanshasai 2017 Unit Taikousen Final

    title School Idol Festival Kanshasai 2017 Unit Taikousen Final
    date 2017.06.10 12:00-
    broadcast niconico, abema fresh
    archive none
    hosts Aqours (евепев)

    This was a live broadcast of the Aqours Unit Taikousen Final event at the Love Live School Idol Festival Kanshasai 2017.

    All nine members of Aqours appeared.

    In the previous broadcasts, each group had played the games and such to earn points in the unit competition. The group Guilty Kiss was in the lead.

    For the contest, they did three individual acting skits and a few writing games.

    Guilty Kiss and Azalea did pretty well, and Cyaron did pretty badly.. Guilty Kiss won the overall contest.

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