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  • SIF Series 5 Shuunen Kinen Tokuban

    title School Idol Festival Series 5 Shuunen Kinen Tokuban
    -Minna de Shan Shan Suku Fes TV-
    date 2018.04.14 20:00-21:00
    broadcast youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFAOPazMngg
    hosts Tokui Sora (徳井青空)
    Kobayashi Aika (小林愛香)
    Kusunoki Tomori (楠木ともり)

    This was a live broadcast by the seiyuu of Love Live. There was one seiyuu from each series, Tokui Sora (Love Live), Kobayashi Aika (Love Live Sunshine), and Kusunoki Tomori (Nijigasaki Gakuen). They all started off with the self intros.

    The first part was the history of the School Idol Festival game. The iOS version was released on 4/15 in 2013 (5 years ago). Tomori said that she was a junior high school student at that time.

    They showed some of the upcoming special cards.

    Then they played some games of School Idol Festival on one ipad. They will give out presents depending on how well they do. They played one Muse song, with each seiyuu doing consecutive positions. They did pretty well. Then they played one Aqours song, with random positions. This time, they died right away. They tried again, but they died again.

    Then they played a couple songs of School Idol Festival After School Activity (the arcade machine).

    They announced that there will be a 110 draw campaign in the game starting 4/16. For both Muse and Aqours, everyone will get a free 11 draw for 5 days.

    They also played some acting games.

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