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  • Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai Mieru Radio

    title Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai Mieru Radio
    date 2018.05.28
    broadcast youtube, bandai channel, line live
    archive none
    hosts Ohnishi Aguri ()
    Sagara Mayu (ͥ)
    Maeda Kaori (IJ¿Τ)
    Murakami Natsumi (¼ż)
    Kitou Akari (ƬΤ)
    Sashide Maria (ؽܰ)

    This was a live broadcast of the event by the seiyuu of Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai. The seiyuu participants were Ohnishi Aguri, Sagara Mayu, Maeda Kaori, Murakami Natsumi, Kitou Akari, and Sashide Maria,

    These seiyuu were the ones that lost the Mieru Radio contests for each class. The three winners, Kubota Miyu, Kusunoki Tomori, and Tanaka Chiemi, will start a web radio in June.

    After reading some mails, they did an acting contest. They prize for this contest will be announced at the end of the broadcast.

    Each seiyuu chose a topic from a box, and did a short silent skit. The other seiyuu had to guess what the topic was.

    Aguri won the contest, and it was announced that she would be the main character in the "Natsu Matsuri audio drama" that will be uploaded on 7/13.

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