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  • Love Live! Series 9th Anniversary Happpyoukai

    title Love Live! Series 9th Anniversary Happpyoukai
    date 2019.05.30 17:00-17:30
    broadcast youtube
    seiyuu Nitta Emi (ķó)
    Inami Anju (Ȱɼ)
    Ohnishi Aguri ()
    video appearance Saint Snow

    This was a live broadcast of press conference. The seiyuu guests were Nitta Emi, Inami Anju, and Ohnishi Aguri.

    The three seiyuu came onto the stage and gave short introductions. Then they went to the side of the stage and saw down.

    The new information was all given on short videos that were shown on the main screen on the stage. Then the seiyuu had some short comments about the events and such.

    Some of the events and goods that were announced were as follows.

    • School Idol Festival Kanshasai 2019 will take place on 9/21, 9/22.
    • The Love Live All Stars game will be released this year, late fall or so.
    • There will be a Love Live pop up store in Gamers Akihabara 6/30.
    • There will be a Love Live Sunshine live tour in 2020.
    • Aqours 4th single "Mitaiken Horizon" will go on sale 9/25.
    • Aqours single "Kokoro Magic A to Z" will go on sale 10/30.
    • There will be a Shadow Verse x Love Live Collaboration, and Yoshiko was chosen to be the image girl.
    • Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai's second album will go on sale 10/2.
    • Nijigasaki Gakuen's first live will take place 12/14 and 12/15.
    • There will be a Granblue Fantasy x Love Live collaboration, in the summer of 2019.
    There was also a video message by Saint Snow. They will release a single, and they will also apppear in the arcade game School Idol Festival After School Activity Next Stage.

    The final (main) announcement was that there will be a Love Live Fes on 1/18 and 1/19 of 2020 at Saitama Super Arena, with all members of Muse, Aqours, Saint Snow, and Nijigasaki Gakuen.

    Then there were some final messages by each of the seiyuu, and the broadcast ended.

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