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  • Shadowverse x School Idol Festival Collabo Chokuzen Housou

    title Shadowverse x School Idol Festival Collabo Chokuzen Housou
    date 2019.08.21 18:00
    broadcast youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaGn9ox-PUM
    hosts Kobayashi Aika (Ӱ)
    Yuuki Kana

    This was a live broadcast for the Shadowverse and School Idol Festival collaboration that was going to begin the next day. The seiyuu hosts were Kobayashi Aika and Yuuki Kana.

    Aika and Kana met for the first time today. Aika said she played the Shadowverse tutorial, but was stuck there.. Kana said she started playing School Idol Festival because of this collaboration.

    The first part was an introduction of Shadowverse. The Aqours members will become leaders in each group in the game. Aika also played a little bit of the game.

    The second part was an introduction of School Idol Festival. Kana played one Aqours song in hard mode. She was actually pretty good.

    The collaborations will take place during the following dates.

    game collaboration period
    Shadowverse 2019.08.22 - 2019.09.25
    School Idol Festival 2019.09.20 - 2019.09.30

    Then they showed some of the collaboration characters.

    There was a new song by Aqours for this collaboration, "Deep Resonance", and the main singer is Yoshiko (Aika). This song will appear in the game starting 8/23, and will go on sale 9/25.

    Then they played the song, and played the song in the game. Aika and Kana played together, and they cleared expert mode.

    At the end, there was a quiz game and Aika and Kana earned presents for all players.

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