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  • Love Live Sunshine Aqours Uranohoshi Jogakuin Namahousou

    title Love Live Sunshine Aqours Uranohoshi Jogakuin Namahousou
    date 2020.06.29 20:00-
    broadcast niconico, youtube
    hosts Inami Anju (Ȱɼ)
    Aida Rikako ()
    Saitou Shuka (ƣ)
    Kobayashi Aika (Ӱ)
    Furihata Ai (Ȩ)
    Takatsuki Kanako (Фʤ)
    Suwa Nanaka (ˬʤʤ)
    Komiya Arisa (ͭ)
    Suzuki Aina (ڰ)

    This was a live broadcast by the seiyuu of Love Live Sunshine. All nine members of Aqours appeared.

    Everyone was in a very large studio sitting at their own little desks. The desks were spaced out and there were barriers between them.

    It was 5 years since Aqours was formed on 6/30 in 2015.

    The Aqours 6th live "Dome Tour 2020" was planned to take place later this year, and there was a little blue whale mascot for the tour. They wanted to name the whale, and there were 20 candidate names. Everyone chose one, and they narrowed it down to four. They were going to take a vote with the viewers for 60 minutes, and announce the winning name at the end of the show.

    Then talked about the five years of Aqours and the various lives.

    Then they gave out lots of information on upcoming CDs.

    They played a little bit of the song "Fantastic Departure", which was going on sale 7/22. This is the theme song of the Dome Tour.

    On 6/30 they will release the full version live videos of one song from each of the Aqours lives (1 to 4). The songs released will be the ones which had the most views when they did the limited broadcasts of the lives.

    live song
    1st Mirai Ticket
    2nd Pikka Pikka Ondo
    3rd Water Blue New World
    4th Kiseki Hikaru

    There will be solo CDs for each character released on their birthdays. The first one will be Chika on 8/1.

    There will be a Love Live All Night Nippon radio broadcast on 7/24. The host will be Furihata Ai, and the guests will be Rikako, Nanaka, Ohnishi Aguri, and Kubota Miyu.

    At the end they announced that the name of the whale will be "Poepoe".

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