School Idol Festival 9 Shuunen Namahousou

title Love Live School Idol Festival 9 Shuunen Namahousou
date 2022.04.17
broadcast youtube, bilibili
hosts Tokui Sora (徳井青空)
Furihata Ai (降幡愛)
Houmoto Akina (法元明菜)
Liyuu (リーユウ)

This was a live broadcast by the seiyuu of Love Live for the 9th anniversary of the game School Idol Festival. The hosts were Tokui Sora, Furihata Ai, Houmoto Akina, and Liyuu, one member from each of the Love Live series.

This was the first time since the Anison Premium Love Live Special that members of all 4 series got together.

First they gave a history of School Idol Festival, which began on 4/15, 2013. They showed many of the cards from the game.

Liyuu said that she played the Chinese version when it first came out in China.

Akina and Liyuu had messages for the bilibili users in Chinese. Then Sora said "Thank you" in English.

Akina said that her first in person Love Live event was the School Idol Festival Kanshasai event.

In the next corner, they gave information on the current events and the 9th anniversary campaigns for the game.

Next, they played the Rhythmic Carnival with 100 players.

At the end, they announced that the School Idol Festival Kanshasai 2022 will take place in Bellesalle Akihabara on 9/24 and 9/25.

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