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  • School Idol Festival AC Next Stage Game Center Stories 3

    title School Idol Festival AC Next Stage Game Center Stories 3
    date 2020.01.07
    broadcast youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTa44m2pJbc
    hosts Furihata Ai (Ȩ)
    Suwa Nanaka (ˬʤʤ)

    This was the 3rd broadcast of the show for the arcade game School Idol Festival AC Next Stage. The hosts were Furihata Ai and Suwa Nanaka. They opened with the hosts saying "Happy New Year".

    The first corner was reading mails from the viewers.

    In the next corner, Ai and Nanaka went to the game machine and made a couple profile cards. Nanaka made a Mari card, and Ai made a Nico card.

    In the information corner, they showed some of the new upcoming cards.

    At the end, they said that the Love Live Fes and Aqours Unit Lives were coming up soon.

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