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  • Gekkan Gianty Station 1

    title Gekkan Gianty Station 1
    date 2017.08.20 20:00-22:00
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZeBmkAZIcM
    hosts Hata Sawako (»)
    Murai Risako

    This was the first broadcast of Gekkan Gianty Station, a two hour live show for the game Monster Drive Revolution and Ayakashi Hyakki Yakou -Kiwami- (䤫ɴ --).
    But this show was just a minor change of the Mon Dora Channel show. Sawako, Risako, and Mr. Umezu were the hosts.

    Sawako was wearing a pink shirt. Her hair was in a ponytail.

    At the beginning, Mr. Umezu gave some basic information about the game Ayakashi Hyakki Yakou -Kiwami-.

    The first corner was a "quiz" corner where Sawako and Risako had to guess the names of the Ayakashi youkai characters. They got 4 out of 5 right, so they had to eat the russian roulette onigiri (which had something unusual in it at a percentage of 33%).
    Risako got the bad one. It was a bad tasting gummy. Maybe liquorice?

    At 20:53, they showed the Mondora promo video.

    In the next corner, Sawako and Risako were given a list of the top 10 monsters among the top Mondora players. They had to pick the ones that wasn't number 1. Since Risako knew much more about Mondora than Sawako, Risako picked out the monster. She was doing pretty well, but she missed with only 3 to go.

    Then they went to the gacha contest. Each one did 20 gacha, and they had to get at least three 5 star monsters total to avoid eating the gummy.

    Sawako went first and got 1. Then Risako got 0. Mr. Umezu went last and he only got 1. Since their total was 2, everyone had to eat the gummy.

    Risako only ate a little bit and made a very bad face. Sawako ate some and said it didn't have much taste. But then she said it came to her later, and her stomach was feeling funny..

    Then they read some mails and talked. The theme of the mails was "summer vacation".

    At 21:41, they went to the waiwai taisen corner (playing Mondora with the viewers).

    At the end, Mr.Umezu gave some new information about Mon Dora and Ayakashi Hyakki Yakou -Kiwami-.

    The next broadcast will be 9/17.

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