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  • Gekkan Gianty Station 2

    title Gekkan Gianty Station 2
    date 2017.09.17 20:00-22:35
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmfM9TBmhWs
    hosts Hata Sawako (»)
    Murai Risako
    guest Kojima Miyu

    This was the second (and last) broadcast of Gekkan Gianty Station, a two hour live show for the game Monster Drive Revolution and Ayakashi Hyakki Yakou -Kiwami- (䤫ɴ --). Hata Sawako, Murai Risako, and Mr. Umezu were the hosts. Kojima Miyu (who is the host of the Weekly Gianty Station show) came as a guest.

    Sawako was wearing a white long sleeve shirt. Her hair was in a ponytail.

    Mr. Umezu said that it was decided recently (this month) that this show would end.

    Sawako said that the bento that they gave out for this show was very good. She said she would miss the bento.

    In the first corner, they introduced new characters from Ayakashi Kiwami. Then Mr. Umezu played one game.

    The next corner (around 20:25) was the Mon Dora corner. Mr. Umezu brought out a cake for Sawako's birthday. But he said they had to do the gacha to get the cake. They had to get a total of 4 five-star characters out of 80 gachas (each person did 20 gachas so each one had to get just 1).

    Sawako got 1, Risako got 3, Miyu got 0, and Mr. Umezu got 1. So they were able to eat the cake.

    In the next corner, they ate the cake, read mails, and talked.

    At 21:22, Risako played a couple games against Miyu. Risako won both games.

    At 21:48, Mr. Umezu (wearing the horse mask) played against the viewers.

    At 21:56, they had the final corner. They showed some video clips from previous broadcasts.

    At 22:30, Mr. Umezu brought flowers and a little present for Sawako and Risako.

    Then after some final comments, the broadcast ended at around 22:35.

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