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  • Sangokushi Taisen wo Asondemiyou!

    title Sangokushi Taisen wo Asondemiyou!
    date/time 2017.03.19 19:00-20:10
    broadcast AbemaTV
    archive none
    cost free
    seiyuu Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
    Sakurai Shinjirou
    videoUesaka Sumire (上坂すみれ)

    This was a broadcast for the arcade game Sangokushi Taisen. This was the third (and final) broadcast in the series.
    The first broadcast was December 18, 2016, and the second broadcast was February 5, 2017.

    The emcees were two comedians from the comedy unit Time Machine 3gou (タイムマシーン3号). The other participants were Hata Sawako and Sakurai Shinjirou.

    Sawako was wearing a pink one piece and a light yellow (or white) cardigan. Her hair was in a ponytail.

    Shinjirou explained a little about the game, a recap of what was taught in the previous two broadcasts. Then Sawako, Shinjirou, Seki went to the game machine to play the game.

    After a short demonstration, they returned to the table and Shinjirou explained some more features of the game, and the cards used in the game. Then Sawako and Mr. Seki went to the game machines to demonstrate some of the moves, as Shinjirou explained what was going on.

    After doing this a couple times, Sawako and Mr. Seki went to play a real battle against each other. They started by showing how to reserve the game machine at the game center. Then they played. Sawako won as she used her own character Ouetsu to finish it off.

    Shinjirou declared Sawako as the best "student", so Sawako got some presents. They brought out some Chinese food, roasted chicken, dumplings, tea, dessert (annin tofu), and Sawako ate some of it.

    Then they gave a little information about Sanpoke (Sangokushi Taisen Pocket), the smartphone version of Sangokushi Taisen.

    There will also be a collaboration between Kobe Chinatown and Sangokushi Taisen starting on April 8. They said Sawako will also go to Kobe.. (maybe on April 8?)

    The show was a little over one hour.

    During the broadcast an advertisement video featuring Uesaka Sumire was shown.

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