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Ishihara Kaori events

Some of the events that Kaori has appeared in are as follows.

2011.08.13[14:00] TBS Anime Festa 2011
2012.01.09[19:00] Hapi Sta Shinnenkai 2012 Studio Cube 326
2012.03.31[09:00] Anime Contents Expo 2012 Nico Nico Booth
2012.03.31[12:30] Anime Contents Expo 2012 Red Stage Ano Natsu de Matteru
2012.03.31[15:00] Anime Contents Expo 2012 Geneon Universal Booth
2012.03.31[16:25] Anime Contents Expo 2012 White Stage
2012.08.18[14:00] TBS Anime Festa 2012
2012.10.27[12:00] YuiKaori 6th Single handshake event Gamers Nanba
2012.11.03[13:30/15:30] YuiKaori 6th Single handshake event Gamers Akihabara
2012.11.18[18:00] YuiKaori 1st Live Tour Wake Up! Osaka
2012.11.25[18:00] YuiKaori 1st Live Tour Wake Up! Aichi
2012.12.02[18:00] YuiKaori 1st Live Tour Wake Up! Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
2013.03.17[12:30/14:15/16:00] "Shiny Blue" handshake event Akihabara Gamers
2013.04.28[18:00] Magi event Kokusai Forum Hall A
2015.08.23[14:00] YuiKaori "Ring Ring Rainbow" and Birthday event
2015.11.08[13:00] YuiKaori "Bright Canary" talk event
2018.09.22[15:10] Tokyo Game Show 2018 Project Tokyo Dolls stage
2018.12.29[15:00/18:30] Ishihara Kaori 1st Live "Sunny Spot Story"
2019.08.30[] Animelo Summer Live -Story-
2019.09.08[] Magia Day 2019