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Iwata Mitsuo CDs

Some of the CDs that Mitsuo has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Mitsuo has released the following solo CDs.

1997.04.09Hanashi ga Chigau (VICL-3000)Song

Miscellaneous CDs

Mitsuo appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

1990.08.21Tengai Makyou (VICL-54)Song
1990.11.21Everybody's ChristmasSong
1990.11.25Seiyuu GraffitiSong
1992.10.2892 Seiyuu GraffitiSong
1993.06.20Aa Megami-sama Tokuten-ouTalk
1996.02.16Golden Boy Study a Go! Go! (JSCA-29032)Song
1996.05.22Boku no Marie Wars CD Cinema 1 (VICL-8190)Talk
1997.07.24Happy Boy radio anime vol 1 (WDCD-28009)Talk
1997.10.21Janjan Koishimasho (MMCM-5001)Talk
1997.10.22True Love Story drama CD vol. 4 (WDCD-28015)Talk
1997.11.10Seiyuu Grand Prix Special CD 97Talk
1998.02.01Angelique Kiss Kiss Kiss (KECH-1124-1125)Song
1998.02.05Guy Brave radio drama CD vol 1 (AZCV-2001)Talk
1998.03.05Guy Brave radio drama CD vol 2 (AZCV-2002)Talk
1998.04.05Guy Brave radio drama CD vol 3 (AZCV-2003)Talk
1998.09.23Oh Chin Chin ()Song
1999.03.26Zutuki Shoten Mondaisaku ()Talk
1999.07.07Sensei no Ojikan 1 Jikanme (AVCT-15004)Talk
1999.08.04Sensei no Ojikan 2 Jikanme (AVCT-15009)Talk
1999.08.26Ani Raji GPX Special CD 99Talk
2000.08.23The King of Fighters 2000 (SCDC-035)Talk
2000.12.20Ah! Megami-sama! Tokuten-oh+ (PCCG-559)Talk
2001.03.07Sensei no Ojikan 10 Jikanme ()Talk
2001.06.27Otasasa TV disk 1 (MMCC-0021)Talk/Song
2001.07.20Otasasa TV disk 2 (MMCC-0022)Talk/Song
2002.01.23Seiyuu Best Talk Collection (SCDC-00153)Talk
2003.09.18Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi -Memories Off- Drama Best (SCDC-309)Talk
2008.04.24Splendide Shana Vol 2 (GNCA-1155)Talk
2008.05.23Splendide Shana Vol 3 (GNCA-1156)Talk
2011.02.09Kore ha Zombie Desuka? Drama CD (VTCL-60237)Talk

CD Singles

Mitsuo appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

1996.05.22Endless Party (VIDL-10760)Song
1997.03.05Angelique Shugosei Collection 5 -Zefil (KEDH-1008)Song/Talk
1998.09.23Oho Chinchin / Oppai ga Ippai / Slave & Queen (VIDL-30357)Song
1999.07.23Growin' Up (VIDL-30435)Song

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