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    Kamiya Hiroshi CDs

    Some of the CDs that Hiroshi has released or appeared in are listed below.

    Solo CDs

    Hiroshi has not released any solo CDs.

    Miscellaneous CDs

    Hiroshi appears (sings/talks) in the following CDs.

    1997.04.09Moonlight Lips III (KICA-7762)Talk
    1998.09.21Neko na Kankei Drama CD vol 1 (APCM-5111)Talk
    1999.03.26Favorite Dear Character Song Files 1 (KICA-5028)Song
    1999.04.21Favorite Dear Northern Stories (APCM-5130)Talk
    2000.10.27Kanon volume 2 (MACB-6002)Talk
    2005.10.26Pani Poni Dash Character Vocal Album Gakuen Paradise (KICA-716)Song
    2006.01.25Gun Parade Orchestra Drama CD vol 1 (LACA-5471)Talk
    2006.02.22Pani Poni Dash Drama CD 2 (KICA-737)Talk
    2006.02.22Gun Parade Orchestra Drama CD vol 2 (LACA-5483)Talk
    2006.07.26Pani Poni Dash DJCD Pani Raji Dash! Vol.2 (KICA-795)Talk
    2007.11.21Zetsubou Sensei Kayou Daizenshuu (KICA-891)Song
    2008.01.16Zetsubou Gekijou (KICA-885)Talk
    2008.02.27Persona3 Character Drama CD vol 1 (FCCT-0066)Talk
    2008.03.12DJCD Sayonara Zetsubou Housou 2 (KICA-896)Talk
    2008.03.26Zoku Zetsubou Gekiban Senshuu (KICA-899)Song
    2008.05.14Zetsubou Daisatsukai (KICA-900)Song
    2008.05.28Tindharia no Tane (KDSD-00234)Talk
    2009.04.08Macross F Nyan Dra 1 (VTCL-60102)Talk
    2009.05.06Macross F Nyan Dra 2 (VTCL-60103)Song/Talk
    2009.06.03Macross F Nyan Dra 3 (VTCL-60104)Talk
    2009.07.08Macross F Nyan Dra 4 (VTCL-60105)Talk
    2011.06.24Angel Beats! SSS Radio Vol.6 (SSR-0006)Talk

    CD singles

    Hiroshi appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    2009.05.27Polyphonica Crimson S Character Song CD vol 1 (LASM-4010)Song
    2009.08.26Kurayami Shinchuu Soushi Souai (KICM-3194)Song
    2009.09.30Staple Stable (ANZX-9452)Talk
    2009.10.28Kaerimichi (ANZX-9454)Talk
    2010.01.27Renai Circulation (ANZX-9458)Talk
    2011.08.24Working! CharaSong Menu 5 (SVWC-7775)Song
    2012.02.22Seirei Hirai (ZMCZ-7717)Song

    Lookup the latest CD information for Kamiya Hiroshi in the seiyuu database.


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