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    Kanemaru Junichi events

    Some of the events that Junichi has appeared in are as follows.

    1993.09.25Borgman Marathon Shishakai in Nagoya
    1993.09.26Borgman Marathon Shishakai in Osaka
    1993.12.26Cyber Formula Zero event
    1994.03.29Something Dreams 1994
    1994.04.02VAP Event
    1995.05.21Charity Event at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi
    1995.07.30Voice Actor Super in Osaka
    1995.08.28YAG Spark
    1995.11.03Kanemaru Junichi Daylight Revue
    1996.03.31Charity Event in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi
    1996.06.22Shiny Night public recording
    1997.12.21Kamiya Akira Charity Concert
    1998.01.24With You event at Animate Abeno Belta
    1998.02.08With You event at Animate Kawagoe
    1998.03.29With You event at Marinpia
    1998.12.06Cyber Formula event
    1999.03.28-199.03.29Cyber Club Bus Tour V
    2000.03.19-2000.03.20Cyber Club Bus Tour VI
    2002.11.03Naughty Boy secret event
    2004.08.14[16:30] Oneness Live
    2007.12.22[10:30] Jump Festa 2008 Jump Stage
    2008.12.21[11:30] Jump Festa 2009 main stage Pew to Fuku Jaguar
    2010.11.28[19:00] Seiyuu dake no Jazz Party Vol.4 -Harvest-
    2012.06.23[18:00] Seiyuu dake no JAZZ PARTY in Toyako Manseikaku Hotel
    2012.06.24[13:30] Seiyuu dake no JAZZ PARTY in Toyako Bunka Center
    2012.10.21[00:20] Cyber Formula OVA BD-BOX all night event
    2013.02.23[15:00/19:00] Seiyuu Dake no Jazz Party Vol.8
    2013.02.24[15:00/19:00] Seiyuu Dake no Jazz Party Vol.8
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