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    Katou Emiri events

    Some of the events that Emiri has appeared in are as follows.

    2007.02.20[17:00] Tokyo Anime Center Radio 47th public recording
    2007.07.15[14:00] DVD Lucky Star event Gamers Ohmiya
    2007.07.15[17:00] DVD Lucky Star event Animate Ohmiya
    2007.07.21[13:00] DVD Lucky Star event Animate Akihabara
    2007.07.21[16:00] DVD Lucky Star event Yoyogi Animation Gakuin Akiba
    2008.03.29[16:30] Lucky Star in Budoukan
    2008.03.30[13:30] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Nihon Onsei Seisakusha Renmei
    2008.03.30[15:30] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Main Stage Seiyuu Award Special Stage
    2008.06.28[15:00] Rondo Robe 2008
    2008.09.14[17:30/18:40] Lucky Star OVA event in Satte
    2008.12.23[13:00] "Vivid" talk and handshake Animate Sannomiya
    2008.12.23[17:00] "Vivid" talk and handshake Gamers Nanba
    2009.09.27[15:00] Media Factory Aki no Anime Festival 2009
    2009.12.31[22:00] Anisong Kouhaku 2009
    2010.02.14[13:00] "Egao no Katachi" event Animate Kawasaki
    2010.02.14[16:00] "Egao no Katachi" event Animate Yokohama
    2010.03.21[16:00] Moehaku 2010 Extra Special Bonus Event
    2010.08.07[14:00] TBS Anime Festa 2010
    2010.08.08[12:00] TBS Anime Festa 2010
    2010.08.31[17:00] Tokyo Anime Center Radiow public recording
    2010.10.10[14:30] Katou Emiri 1st Live -Splash of Waters-
    2011.01.30[13:00] Aka Pro! CD talk show Animate Yokohama
    2011.02.26[13:30/18:00] Koe Chikara -Power of Voice- 81 Produce event
    2011.07.03[13:00/15:30] Tsukumonogatari Drama CD event Animate Akihabara
    2011.08.13[14:00] TBS Anime Festa 2011
    2011.09.16[20:15] A&G Gamemaster GT-R public recording
    2011.10.30[14:00/18:00] Yuru Yuri Recital Yokohama Blitz
    2012.01.08[14:30/18:30] Katou Emiri 2nd Live -Merry- Shinjuku Blaze
    2012.01.14[14:30/18:30] Katou Emiri 2nd Live -Merry- Osaka Muse
    2012.06.17[13:30/18:00] Yuru Yuri Live Event 2 Pacifico Yokohama
    2012.08.11[17:00] DVD "Natural Voice 81 Room" event Akihabara Sofmap
    2012.09.01[11:00] Katou Emiri talk show Morishia Tsudanuma 1F Center Court
    2012.10.13[09:20] Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica butai aisatsu Osaka
    2012.10.13[12:40] Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica butai aisatsu Kyoto
    2012.10.13[15:50] Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica butai aisatsu Nagoya
    2012.10.14[09:00] Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica butai aisatsu Chiba
    2012.10.14[11:45] Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica butai aisatsu Kawasaki
    2013.01.27[14:00] Kato * Fuku 1st Live Harajuku Astro Hall
    2013.03.30[09:00] Anime Contents Expo Red Stage Madoka Magica
    2013.04.28[14:00] Cubism by Katou Emiri in Hokkaidou
    2014.05.04[15:00] Madoka Magica Special Talk Show
    2016.03.27[17:00] Anime Paradise in Tohoku
    2017.04.30[11:00] Niconico Choukaigi 2017 "Logic Links New Service"
    2018.01.07[] Battle Girl Fes at Saitama Bunka Center
    2018.01.14[13:00] Girls Band Party Live & Party in Tokyo Girlpa Radio with Afterglow
    2018.02.18[12:05] Onsen Matsuri 2018 Fuyu "Chen Raji x Overlord" collabo stage
    2018.09.01[] Magia Day 2018
    2019.02.23[] Charason Japan in Zepp Sapporo
    2019.08.24[13:00] Girls Band Party Stage Event in Fujikyuu Highland
    2020.02.02[19:00] Afterglow Special Event
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