Kawasumi Ayako events

Some of the events that Ayako has appeared in are as follows.

1998.11.07Outlaw Star unaired episodes showing
1998.12.06Cyber Formula event
1998.12.30To Heart Live Party
1999.03.21Tokyo Game Show Spring 1999
1999.07.04Miki Shinichirou & Kawasumi Ayako talk show in Animate Hachiouji
1999.09.18Tokyo Game Show 99 Autumn
1999.09.23KSS Group Fan Kansha Day
2000.07.22Tokyo Character Show
2001.01.31KONOHANA: True Report Announcement Event
2001.02.11Valentine Party in Kousei Nenkin Kaikan
2001.04.21Konohana: True Report event in Akihabara
2001.04.29Ai Yori Aoshi event in Animate Ikebukuro
2001.07.22Tokyo Character Show [Best Communication public recording]
2001.07.22Tokyo Character Show [Kadokawa booth: Chronocle Sade]
2001.07.22Tokyo Character Show [Kadokawa Shoten booth]
2001.10.14Tenshi no Shippo Home Party
2001.11.03Doki Doki Happy Tour
2001.11.18One -Kagayaku Kisetsu he- Grateful Live
2001.12.09[14:00] Mahoromatic talk show at Animate Ikebukuro
2002.01.13[18:30] Animate Expo 2002 Toshima Koukaidou [Piano]
2002.02.16Doki Doki Happy Theater 4
2002.03.30[14:10] Character Entertainment Convention main stage
2002.04.06[14:00] Doki Doki Happy Theater vol 6
2002.04.27[15:30] Live! Mahoromatic
2002.04.27Mahoromatic event
2002.05.18"Primary" mini live in Osaka
2002.06.01"Primary" mini live in Fukuoka
2002.06.15"Primary" mini live
2002.07.27[14:00] Thanks 20th Emotion Festival 2002 in Suginami Koukaidou
2002.11.16[15:00] .hack//Radio Sumi Sumi Night public recording
2002.12.15[14:00] Piano vol 2 event in Animate Belta
2002.12.26[16:00] Yukigatari event in Asobit City
2003.01.26Piano vol 1 special event in Secion Suginami
2003.03.30[18:00] AN's 5th Anniversary Love & Peace in Hamamatsucho Junk Box
2003.05.25[14:00] DVD "Piano" volume 5 event in Animate Nagoya
2003.08.09[13:00] TBS Anime Festa 2003
2003.08.10[12:00] TBS Anime Festa 2003
2003.08.30[13:30] Rondo Robe Circus 2003 in Bunkyou Civic Hall
2003.09.28[12:30] Love Doll 1st Project signing event at Animate Kichijoji
2003.09.28[15:30] Love Doll 1st Project signing session in Animate Shibuya
2003.10.05[14:00] Doki Doki Happy Theater Returns talk and mini live
2005.01.09[11:00] Pony Canyon Style Marunavi public recording
2005.10.30[17:00] Alice Quartet talk and live
2005.11.27[14:00] DVD "Okusama ha Joshikousei" talk event in Sannomiya
2005.11.27[17:00] DVD "Okusama ha Joshikousei" talk event in Nanba
2006.03.19[13:30] Marunabi!? public recording
2006.05.07[14:30] .hack//G.U. event
2006.07.01[15:00] Rondo Robe Event 2006 Ohmiya Sonic City
2006.08.12[17:30] Radio "Pony Canyon Style Marunabi"
2006.08.20[12:00] TBS Anime Festa 2006
2007.05.06[19:00] Ichigo Mashimaro talk at Toshima Koukaidou
2007.05.12[16:00] DVD "Nodame Cantabile vol 1" event
2007.07.13[13:00] Kanokon DVD 1 talk event Toranoana Akihabara 1
2007.07.13[16:00] Kanokon DVD 1 talk event Asobit Game City
2007.09.22[12:00] Marunabi!? final public recording
2007.10.13[13:00] DVD "Kaibutsu Oujo" event Ishimaru Soft 2
2007.10.21[14:00] Akihabara Enta Matsuri
2007.11.04[16:00] DVD "Sky Girls" talk Toranoana Akihabara
2008.03.09[16:45] Media Factory Bunkoj Anime Festival "Kanokon"
2008.03.23[14:00] DVD "Mokke" talk/live
2008.03.30[13:00] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Media Factory booth
2009.05.09[16:30] Pandora Hearts Special Event
2009.08.22[14:00] TBS Anime Festa 2009
2009.09.27[15:00] Media Factory Aki no Anime Festival 2009
2009.10.04[14:00] Dengeki Character Festival 2009 main stage Lady x Bad
2009.11.29[13:00] OVA Kanokon talk show Animate Akihabara
2009.11.29[16:00] OVA Kanokon talk show at Gamers Akihabara
2010.03.20[15:30] Queen's Blade Fan Meeting
2010.08.29[14:30] Chara Hobby 2010 C3xHobby "Queen's Blade"
2010.09.26[14:00] Dengeki Bunko Fan Kansha Event
2010.12.16[18:00] Samurai Champloo Matsuri
2012.03.18[14:00/17:30] Ikamusume First Album Shinryaku Carnival 2012
2012.03.31[14:05] Anime Contents Expo 2012 White Stage Fate/Zero
2018.03.25[16:00] Anime Japan 2018 Fate/Grand Order Special Stage

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