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    Kingetsu Mami CDs (solo)

    Mami has released the following solo CDs.

    1996.04.24Tokimeki (KICA-7700)Song
    1996.11.21Catchy (KICA-7727)Song
    1997.01.22Kingetsu Mami no Story Telling (KICA-7728)Talk
    1997.02.14My Sweet Valentine [Fujisaki Shiori]Song
    1997.07.24Summer Break (KICA-7778)Song
    1997.11.06Memories [Fujisaki Shiori]song
    1998.04.03Fujisaki Shiori piano collectionSong
    1998.10.23Touch and Go (KICA-7916)Song
    1999.02.05From the Bests (KICA-7945)Song
    1999.08.30Deview -Triangle Fruits Stories- (APCM-5141)Song/Talk
    2002.02.14Fujisaki Shiroi Image Song Collection (KMCA-145)Song
    2002.02.14Taisetsu na Kime he (KMCA-145)Song
    2002.05.25Radio EX STation Kingetsu Mami no Moon Shine (MACJ-6001)Talk/Song
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