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    Kobayashi Yumiko events

    Some of the events that Yumiko has appeared in are as follows.

    1998.05.10Kirara event in Yomiuri Land
    1998.07.26Kirara Completion event in Suginami Koukaidou
    1998.08.01Kirara Completion event in Osaka
    1998.08.02Kirara Completion event in Nagoya
    1998.08.08Kirara event in Kawagoe
    1998.08.09Kirara event in Hachiouji
    1998.08.15Kirara event in Sendai
    1998.08.16Kirara event in Sapporo
    1998.08.22Kirara event in Shizuoka
    1998.08.23Kirara event in Yokohama
    1998.09.15Kirara event in Yamagiwa Soft
    1999.07.20Anime Scramble event
    2000.07.22Tokyo Character Show
    2000.07.23Kirara event in Kanda Panse Hall
    2000.11.12Kira Melo Bunkasai 2000 Speciore in Amazing Square
    2000.12.222000 Xmas Party Nyokki no Heya he Youkoso
    2000.12.23Jump Festa 2001
    2000.12.24Jump Festa 2001
    2001.01.13Osaka Character Festival
    2001.01.14Osaka Character Festival
    2001.02.11Valentine Party in Kousei Nenkin Kaikan
    2001.02.18[13:00] Puni Puni Poemi event in Animate Machida
    2001.02.18[15:00] Puni Puni Poemi event in Ishimaru Denki Yokohama
    2001.02.18[16:00] Puni Puni Poemi event in Animate Yokohama
    2001.03.17Sengoku Shougi event in Sofmap Gigastore Ohmiya
    2001.07.15Akumajan Devil Mahjong event in Akihabara Satou Musen PC Island
    2001.07.21Tokyo Character Show [Sister Princess Stage]
    2001.07.29Akumajan Devil Mahjong event in Daiei Shoppers Plaza
    2001.08.12Anime Japan Fes 2001 The Auction
    2001.09.04Seiyuu Collection Returns One Year Anniversary
    2001.09.15The 6th Animation Kobe Song and Talk Anime Paradise
    2001.10.12Tokyo Game Show
    2001.10.13Tokyo Game Show -Sister Princess public recording-
    2001.10.13Tokyo Game Show -Success booth-
    2001.10.14Tokyo Game Show -Success booth-
    2001.10.28Chotto Ugoku Nyokki event in Ishimaru Soft One
    2001.12.02[13:00] Suzume no Gakkou event in Animate Shibuya
    2001.12.02[16:00] Suzume no Gakkou event in Shinseido Ikebukuro
    2001.12.08[15:00] Suzume no Gakkou Joukan event in Yamagiwa Soft
    2001.12.08[18:00] Suzume no Gakkou Joukan event in Ishimaru Soft One
    2002.02.24Muryou and Nadesico event in Ishimaru Soft One
    2002.03.31[15:00] Starchild Festival 2002 Spring
    2002.04.11[18:30] EX Driver the Movie event in Kudan Kaikan
    2002.04.20EX Driver the Movie talk at Cine Riible Ikebukuro 2
    2002.04.27EX Driver the Movie talk at Cine Riible Umeda
    2002.07.07Sister Princess vol 9 event at Gamers Tachikawa
    2002.09.08Bistro Cupid premium party
    2002.09.21[12:00] Tokyo Game Show 2002 Main Stage Bunka Housou Special
    2002.09.22[13:00] Tokyo Game Show 2002 Main Stage Sister Princess
    2002.09.22[15:00] Tokyo Game Show 2002 PCCW Japan booth
    2003.06.21[18:30] Mieno Hitomi Debut 10 Shuunen Kinen Talk Live
    2008.03.29[16:45] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Main Stage Soul Eater stage
    2008.03.30[12:00] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Media Factory booth
    2011.01.22[17:00] Tennis no Ouji-sama Teni Prix Festa 2011 in Budoukan
    2011.05.22[13:00/18:30] Rio Super Carnival 2 Zepp Tokyo
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