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    Kumai Motoko events

    Some of the events that Motoko has appeared in are as follows.

    1997.07.28Seiyuu Collection Event
    1997.08.02Marumie Net 97 Oyaji no Natsu
    1999.04.04Dai 3 kai Ani Raji Festival in Nagoya
    2000.04.03Card Captor Sakura Festival 2000
    2000.07.15Card Captor Sakura movie stage appearance at Shinjuku Picadilly
    2001.04.08Tokimeki Memorial 2 Premium Event in Osaka
    2001.04.14Tokimeki Memorial 2 Premium Event in Suginami Koukaidou
    2002.03.30[17:10] Character Entertainment Convention main stage
    2002.03.31[14:30] Chobits TV anime talk and live in Kudan Kaikan
    2002.03.31[18:30] Chobits TV anime talk and live in Kudan Kaikan
    2002.09.01Clamp Gengaten seiyuu talk show
    2004.10.24[11:00] Tokyo Kokusai Entertainment Market 2004 main stage
    2006.01.15Dai 23 Kai Jisedai World Hobby Fair Sunday Stage
    2008.03.29[17:20] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Stage II Arison to Riria
    2008.06.28[15:00] Rondo Robe 2008
    2011.02.26[13:30/18:00] Koe Chikara -Power of Voice- 81 Produce event
    2018.04.01[] Sakura Fes 2018 -Sakura to Minna no Happy Easter-
    2018.09.21[13:00] Tokyo Game Show 2018 Card Captor Sakura Happiness Memories stage
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