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Kusachi Fumie CDs (singles)

Fumie appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

1993.03.10Love Wing (TYDY-2044) 930 yenSong
1993.11.05Nakimushi no Mermaid/Rainbow ForcesSong
1993.11.05Romance no Byouyomi (TYDY-2051)Song
1996.01.21Shiranai (SRDL-4147)Song
1996.05.22Onegai Nanika Itte (SRDL-4202)Song
1996.07.midTomo in Hungry LandTalk
1996.10.??Gall Force The Revolution (XDDL-93131)Song
1996.11.21Sugao no Spy Tachi (SRDL-4307)Song
1997.01.17Doukyuusei Mahjong Premium CDTalk
1998.04.21In My Soul (CODC-1471)Song
1998.06.24Haru Iro Photograph (TYDY-2116)Song