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    Kusao Takeshi events

    Some of the events that Takeshi has appeared in are as follows.

    1990.03.03-1990.03.047th Nihon Anime Festival
    1990.08.25Fuuma no Kojirou event in Kudan Kaikan
    1991.01.19Kusao Takeshi Concert Cheer Up in Osaka
    1991.01.26Kusao Takeshi Concert Cheer Up in CLub Citta
    1991.09.28Kusao Takeshi live in Club Citta
    1991.10.13Kusao Takeshi live in Ohmiya
    1991.10.20Kusao Takeshi live in Yokohama
    1991.10.26Kusao Takeshi live in Nagoya
    1991.10.27Kusao Takeshi live in Nagoya
    1991.11.09Kusao Takeshi live in Ichikawa
    1991.11.16Kusao Takeshi live in Osaka
    1991.11.17Kusao Takeshi live in Osaka
    1991.11.23Kusao Takeshi live in Yokohama
    1991.11.24Kusao Takeshi live in Shibuya Egg-Man
    1991.12.07Kusao Takeshi live in Fukuoka
    1991.12.08Kusao Takeshi live in Hiroshima
    1993.10.23Beginning Breeze Live Tour in Fukuoka
    1993.10.30Beginning Breeze Live Tour in Sapporo
    1993.10.31Beginning Breeze Live Tour in Sendai
    1993.11.06Beginning Breeze Live Tour in Osaka
    1993.11.07Beginning Breeze Live Tour in Nagoya
    1995.01.29Ranma 1/2 Carnival 1995
    1996.01.06Kashiwa Sogo Anime Festival
    1996.01.13Kusao Takeshi Live in Osaka
    1996.01.14Kusao Takeshi Live in Nagoya
    1996.01.21Kusao Takeshi Live in Tokyo
    1996.08.17Kusao Takeshi Live Tour '96 in Nagoya
    1996.08.18Kusao Takeshi Live Tour '96 in Osaka
    1996.08.26Lamune and 40 Fire event
    1996.09.22Kusao Takeshi Live Tour '96 in Tokyo
    1996.12.24Kusao Takeshi with Pretty in White
    1997.07.05Kamakura Cinema World Seiyuu Special Stage
    1999.10.02Voice Festival 2000
    1999.10.03Voice Festival 2000
    2000.12.11Kusao Takeshi Concert 2000
    2001.04.07Gensou Maden Saiyuuki Spring Illusion 2001 in Omiya Sonic City
    2001.06.24Gensou Maden Saiyuuki Summer Illusion on the Movie at Pacifico
    2001.08.30Gedou Joou 7 public recording at Aoni Museum
    2001.11.25Gedou Joou public recording
    2002.01.13Gedou Joou public recording
    2002.06.16[15:00/19:00] Yokohama Baynite event in Yokohama Bay Hall
    2002.08.18[14:00] Aoni Museum drama contest
    2002.09.15Gensoumaden Saiyuuki Summer Illusion 2002 Memorial
    2003.08.23[11:00] C3 2003 Bandai Visual booth Saint Seiyu event
    2003.10.12[14:00/16:30] Pierrot 25 Shuunen Kinen Event at Animate Ikebukuro
    2003.12.31[23:00] Goldream vol 3
    2004.02.29[13:30] Jungle Seiyuu Event 3
    2004.08.15[13:00] Evolver vol 3 talk/mini live/auction
    2004.08.21[18:00] Voice Fair 2004 at Uchisaiwaichou Hall
    2004.08.22[13:00/17:00] Voice Fair 2004 at Uchisaiwaichou Hall
    2006.03.25[17:10] Toei animation event at Tokyo Kokusai Anime Fair
    2006.03.26Toei Animation booth at Tokyo Kokusai Anime Fair
    2007.05.05[15:45] Ani Chara Expo Seiyuu Talk Show
    2009.11.07[13:00/17:00] Aoyama Nichoume Gekijou Voice Fair 2009
    2009.12.20[13:30] Jump Festa 2010 Koei booth
    2010.03.06[16:00] Sengoku Bushou Matsuri
    2010.03.07[16:00] Sengoku Bushou Matsuri
    2010.10.09[15:00/19:00] Sengoku Musou event CC Lemon Hall
    2011.10.13[18:00] Respond! You!! 2nd
    2016.09.17[11:00] Tokyo Game Show 2016 "Dragonball" stage
    2016.09.17[15:30] Tokyo Game Show 2016 "Sengoku Musou" special stage
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