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    Kusuda Aina events

    Some of the events that Aina has appeared in are as follows.

    2011.09.03[13:00/15:00] Love Live! event Akihabara UDX Theater
    2012.02.19[18:00] Love Live! Muse 1st Love Live! Yokohama Blitz
    2012.10.21[12:00] Dengeki 20th Anniversary Muse event
    2012.10.21[17:00] Dengeki Music Live Sweet Stage
    2013.01.03[17:30] Love Live! Muse New Year Love Live! 2013
    2013.03.24[17:00] Bushi Road Card Game Live 2013 Osaka
    2013.05.26[17:00] Uta Musume Super Live 201 Studio Coast
    2013.09.17[17:00] "O.P.E.N Fantasy" handshake event Nico Nico Honsha 1F
    2013.09.17[19:00] "O.P.E.N Fantasy" talk/mini live Nico Nico Honsha 1F
    2013.09.18[18:00] "O.P.E.N Fantasy" handshake event Akihabara Gamers
    2013.09.20[18:30] "O.P.E.N Fantasy" handshake event Gamers Shinjuku
    2013.09.22[14:00/17:00] "O.P.E.N Fantasy" handshake event Toranoana Akihabara
    2013.09.22[15:00/18:00] "O.P.E.N Fantasy" signing event Toranoana Akihabara
    2015.08.28[16:00] Animelo Summer Live 2015
    2015.09.16[17:00] Seiyuu Paradise R Vol.8 tokuten owatashikai Akihabara Gamers
    2015.10.31[18:30] Sunshine Aquarium Halloween Party
    2015.11.07[15:30/19:00] "First Sweet Wave" event duo Music Exchange
    2015.11.08[13:00] "First Sweet Wave" event duo Music Exchange
    2016.05.04[18:00] 2nd album "Next Brilliant Wave" event Animate Shinjuku
    2016.05.07[14:00/18:30] Second Shot Fes -Girls Members-
    2018.01.27[17:00] Kussun Birthday 2018 -Color Palette Show- Osaka
    2018.02.03[14:30/18:30] Kussun Birthday 2018 -Color Palette Show- Tokyo
    2019.05.11[14:30/18:30] Second Shot Fes -Girls Members- 2019
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